by Lambert Plumbing and Heating in Vancouver on May 22, 2015

10 Simple Ways to Prepare Your Home for the Summer Heat

Vancouver Cooling1. Replace Air Filters

Not only do filters help purify the air, but they maintain adequate air circulation as well. A used-up air filter will not efficiently distribute cool air throughout the house, so having a clean air filter is a must.

2. Working Thermostat

First, make sure that the thermostat is working by simply turning the switch to the cool setting. If the air conditioning unit doesn’t kick on, then make sure that there are no tripped break switches.

3. AC Unit

Sometimes a bad filter or thermostat isn’t the cause of an air circulation problem, as it can be the unit itself. Contact a repair man right away if this is the case.

4. Draft Stoppers

Gaps beneath door ways can introduce warm air into the house. Installing cheap yet effective draft stoppers will take care of the problem, keeping the house cool in the hot summer days.

5. Invest in Heavy Blinds

Conduction isn’t the only way in which heat transfers, it can transfer by light as well. Placing a heavy set of closed blinds on the windows will dramatically decrease the ambient temperature.

6. Open Windows During Night Hours

Leaving the windows open during night hours will keep the house cool. However, make sure that the air conditioning is turned off while this is done. Close the windows right before the sun comes up.

7. Ceiling Fan

Make sure that the ceiling fan is blowing air downwards rather than upwards. Doing so will keep the warm air from staying in one spot, the ceiling.

8. Check Insulation

Insulation helps keep a house warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Double sided windows are the best way to preserve the inside temperature. Thin or hollow external doors are another thing to take into consideration.Vancouver Cooling

9. Use Fluorescent Light Bulbs

Conventional light bulbs produce a lot of heat, which could in turn raise the temperature. Fluorescent bulbs produce the least amount of heat and are another step closer to keeping the house cool and comfortable.

10. Light Reflectors on the Roof

A decent amount of heat is transferred from the roof into the house, so light reflectors will make a dramatic difference in keeping the house cool.

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