by Lambert Plumbing and Heating in Vancouver on December 20, 2012

Why are indirect water heaters not included in the government and utility grant programs?

Being very active in the boiler replacement and hot water tank replacement business we at Lambert Plumbing and Heating and our customers are often asking ourselves why are indirect water heater heaters not included in the government and utility rebate programs?

These programs say they have energy efficiency as their top priority yet they are giving $ 200.00 rebates for storage type water heaters with EF ratings as low as .67. When coupled with a low efficiency boiler an indirect water heater would be .70 at the low end and if coupled with a high efficiency boiler is closer to .90. Not only are they more efficient than a lot of the other equipment getting rebates they will also outlast these other options by 2 or 3 times and provide more hot water when needed. We have brought this up with the utility and the government programs only to fall on deaf ears.

How can you help?

#1 Write a letter to Fortis BC

#2 Write a letter to Livesmart BC

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